Fox: Family Over Money

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Fox: Family Over Money

Scott Fox, Contributing Writer

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They say money can’t buy happiness.

They didn’t say it can’t buy experiences. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they’re memorable ones, moments that will last. Money will give you memories that won’t leave, laughter that won’t fade, and smiles that just never seem to end.

I used to think that government controlled money, but it goes deeper than that.

Money controls us. We fought for free life, but what did we really win…a slower death?

There is nothing we can do; it has become a way of life, so we will learn to live with it. Money will always make an impact, but sometimes it can be subtle.

I remember celebrating Christmas with my family, but I don’t remember the money being spent.

I remember the looks of happiness, but I don’t remember the constant worry about money. Christmas made memories, not because of money, but because of family.

It’s weird how something we see as so monumentally important can be insignificant enough to overlook. With that, all I want for Christmas is more memories that will last. I want to be with family. I want to be with friends. I want to be happy.

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