Brock Rides Broncos to the Playoffs

Nathan Smernoff, Staff Writer

Peyton Manning, Quarterback for the Broncos, has a torn Plantar fascia in his left foot and was pulled from the Kansas City Chiefs game weeks ago. He completed five of his 20 passes and threw four interceptions, perhaps being the worst game of his career. Why Head Coach Gary Kubiak kept Manning in with a serious injury, performing the way he was, most likely is due to Manning’s pursuit of a record; becoming the NFL’s all time leader in career passing yards. Finally breaking Brett Favre’s record of 71,838 yards with a four yard pass play to Ronnie Hillman.

Kubiak pulled Manning in the middle of the third quarter, replacing him with Brock Osweiler, Denver’s second string quarterback.

Brock Osweiler has been under Peyton Manning’s wing since he was signed in 2012. Studying under one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, waiting to step in if there were any mishap; Osweiler was a sleeping giant.

Even though Manning was out with an injury, he showed up to every Broncos practice to coach Osweiler and make sure he was ready to win in the big leagues.   

Brock’s first start at Mile High Stadium turned to be momentous; shattering the Patriots 10-0 record. Three weeks into starting for the Broncos, Osweiler, the young phenom, has yet to tally a loss after a 17-3 victory over the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday. While it may seem easy to guide a team with the top ranked defense in the league, Osweiler’s game management has excelled the offense from the start of the season.

The return of Manning is floating on thin ice, and three factors have his return to the field in question. When or if Manning’s foot heals, whether or not Manning plans on retiring after this season and if the Broncos make it to the Playoffs, or even the Super Bowl.  

The Plantar fascia is the ligament connecting the heel bone to the toes; Manning’s has a partial tear near his heel. Partial tears have been known to be more painful than a full tear and recovery is inconclusive.  

It’s no secret Manning has been getting older and slower, and with 17 years of football and football-related injuries behind his towel, it may be time to retire. If Manning wants to be remembered as a legend, it might be better to let his career come to a conclusion than to leave fans with a memory of mediocrity.

Nobody knows if Osweiler can continue his winning streak, but the Broncos are seated first in the AFC west division, assuring a spot in the playoffs; the only way they couldn’t make it, is if they lost the next four games.  

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