Thumbs Down: Canalbuds


Danielle Thompson

Samantha Badillo, Staff Writer

Perhaps it’s just my peculiar ears, but I have a real problem with mushroom shaped headphones. The technical name for these menaces is “canalbuds” which is a perfectly unpleasant word for these offensive contraptions. They’re uncomfortable and the sound quality is poor.

I can easily stick my normal earphones in my ears, you know, the ones that came perfectly packaged in an iPhone box? Yeah, those fit just fine. The sound quality isn’t awful. In fact, it’s relatively substantial. If I want to share music with a pal, then I’ll simply pass them the bud and we’ll be bumping to a good song together.

Now, if you hand me a mushroom that they try to pass off as a pair of headphones, I’m going to try to listen to your music -which I’m sure is great- but the thing is going to fall out. Without fail, every time, the canalbud will fall out. Not only will I be deprived of your phenomenal music taste, but I will look foolish.

I’m a big believer in the acronym KISS. “Keep it simple stupid.” So I say to you, Creekview America, keep it simple. Wear normal headphones, it’s easier for everyone.
(In case you want to see the other types of headphones, as there’s more beyond just the two mentioned, follow this link.)

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