Becoming an adult


David Hoyt, Opinions Editor

Six months from now, my 18th birthday will roll around and I will become, in the eyes of the government, an adult. I never thought I would make it this far.

All throughout elementary school, I would dream up fantasies about the future. Thinking about high school, college, and the cool house I would live in when I’m an adult. I always thought to myself: I graduate in 2017. That’s forever from now. I’ll never reach that.

Well now it’s 2016, and 2017 is sneaking up fast. A year from now I’ll be about to graduate and (hopefully) be going off to college. And for some of my friends, that is reality now.

There I was, revelling in my childhood, dreaming of the future when it snuck around and gave me a good lick across the face.

I never expected that I would ever actually have to learn how to be an adult.

And yet, I have trouble realizing how adultlike I already am.

I have a job where I actually get paid.

I have a car, and a license, and I can go anywhere in the world.

It’s great.

Until you crash it and actually have to pay for it.

With your own money.

That you spent hours earning at your job.

But I’m still ready to be an adult more than I ever have. My parents have been training me for years always saying that they want me to be independent. And I’ve tried to comply with being self-reliant, and being able to take care of myself.

Sure, I survive on microwavable burritos whenever my parents aren’t around, but I survive.

And now it gets on my nerves whenever people try to micromanage my life. Especially when I’m still treated like I’m 12 at school, because some idiots still act that way.

I still have a lot to learn. My mother is determined to teach me how to cook this summer and I guess I might as well do that.

But I’m ready.

Because no matter how much more stress I have, no matter how much more responsibilities I have, and no matter how much harder I will have to work, graduating and going off to college has nearly endless possibilities. Nearly endless potential. And although it will be hard, and it can get miserable when I lose sight of my goals, I can master so much more, and run so much farther than I can while I am a child.

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