Anna’s Goodbye


Anna Chainaranont, Arts and Entertainment Editor

To say goodbye to four years seems upsetting, heartbreaking, an ultimate sob-fest. Yet for me, it is none of those things. On the flip side, this goodbye to high school is my final, honorable salute– I respect this institution for providing me with memories, an education, teachers, and friends. It was good, but it’s time to go. It’s not a sentimental thing, because after these entirely long years, I am prepped and my bags are packed. I take the good, and leave the bad.

The good consists of the hundreds of tennis tournament memories. Having the freedom to play for an entire day, hanging out with the craziest teammates (Berachah, Ellie, Stefani, Coach Olian, Bryan), and then stuffing ourselves at a restaurant for dinner, is one thing I cannot take with me to college. There won’t be an experience like varsity tennis tournaments after high school.  

Although I’ve already said this in my yearbook senior goodbye, it still remains the same: newspaper and yearbook, I’d never be able to truly comprehend and explain how wonderful these classes and families were. From no-where-ville, Nacogdoches to San Antonio, the experiences extend beyond what I thought I’d ever be doing, and what I thought I could accomplish.

To my teachers from freshmen year to now, I applaud all your efforts, and a huge thanks to each and every one. Mrs. Waters, you support me in my creative endeavors, and I will always thank you for that. Not only have you taught me how to be a great writer, editor, and designer, but also how to be an exceptional individual, and how to positively contribute to the world. There are way too many things to thank you for and so many memories I’ve made with you that I am definitely taking with me to college. Because all in all, you’ve been the greatest impact on my being. You’re the “Brightside” that I keep on singing to. Also, thank you, C120. The walls that held me together. The room where inspiration and content continually flowed. The home you went to when you’re not feeling well, and it kept you warm.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me, Creekview High School, but also goodbye to these safe halls, incomparable experiences, and lasting years.

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