Suing for Solutions

David Hoyt, Opinions Editor

Showing off their blatant ignorance and immaturity, 21 kids are suing President Barack Obama, who has done more to cut carbon emissions and combat climate change than any other president, for his inaction on climate change. What do they want? For Obama to come up with a plan to fix climate change. They haven’t lifted a finger to tackle this pretty much impossible task, but have opted instead to throw a tantrum demanding that Obama and the Federal Government magically fix the problem.

What they don’t understand is how dependant they are on fossil fuels. As of now, 85% of all energy in the United States is from fossil fuels. This is what causes the lights to shine, the air conditioning to buzz, cars hum, and phones to run.

Yes, there are alternative sources of energy like solar and wind, but these aren’t necessarily able to replace our dependence on fossil fuels. For starters, wind and solar cannot consistently create the energy needed to serve over 300 million people. For wind, there are several days where the wind is next to zero and they can’t produce energy. Same with solar, they can’t produce energy at night, and their output is greatly reduced on overcast days. The costs per Kilowatt hour are also generally higher for renewable energy, which could have detrimental effects to the economy.

There is one other energy source that’s not on the table right now: Nuclear Energy. Nuclear power emits less greenhouse gases , and it is cheaper to use. On top of that, it can reliably produce energy for the entire country. But like every energy source, there are cons as well. Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste that is dangerous; there have been accidents in the past that have caused major damage such as Chernobyl and Fukushima.

These kids need to understand that sacrifices will need to be made in order to transition off of fossil fuels, and that there really is no perfect solution.

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