Creekview Choir Coffeehouse Concert

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Creekview Choir Coffeehouse Concert

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Creekview hosted “A Coffee House Concert” last Thursday evening, where students received the opportunity to showcase their singing.

“It’s just a great thing for the community to come join in,” associate principal Zachary Bunn said, “To get to know some of our kids early on in the year, listen to some great music, and enjoy some Starbucks coffee and treats that the parents brought.”

After the audience settled down with their coffee and desserts, Creekview Show Choir, Legends, directed by Tara Sikon and Daniel Alarcon opened the show with “Sing, Sing, Sing…”

Clapping along to the beat, Bunn said the show choir was a lot of fun to watch.

In between solo singing acts, senior Legends member Cody Brenner, earned “oohs” and “aahs” when he paired his magic skills with audience pleasing charm and charisma.

“If I mess up, just go with it,” Brenner jokingly said.

As the night continued, Mustang seniors Khira Frias and Mikaela Pace proved that their musical mastery extended past singing, incorporating guitars and pianos into their performances.

“We’ve been preparing since school started,” senior Legends member Lexi Putter said, smiling with pride. “Everyday we’ve been singing.”

The night took a more serious turn as senior Legend’s member Rolando Bernal read aloud an original essay he had written to describe the inspirational struggles his family faced after bravely immigrating to the United States.

Bernal’s performance received a standing ovation as he left the audience with the emotionally jarring words: “You’ll notice that my family isn’t out here in the audience tonight. That’s because they’re working so I can have a brighter future. That’s my story, what’s yours?”

In the final piece of the night, Bernal and the rest of Legends joined

Blalack Middle School’s entire show choir, Rhapsody, and sang “Crazy Little Thing,” in the style of Queen.

“They’re really talented and they’re so eager to be in choir,” Putter said, clearly excited about Rhapsody’s presence. “We’re really excited to perform with them.”

No matter how many hours these hardworking Mustangs put into their craft, they never seem to lose their passion for singing.

“Choir is… a ball,” Putter said while grinning from ear to ear.

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