How Girl Scouts Shapes Us

Izzy Smith, staff writer

Young girls can join a Girl Scout troop as soon as kindergarten, and from there they begin their short, or lifelong journey. There are multiple skills you learn in Girl Scouts, from building a fire to communicating effectively with a group of strangers, and this is what a few of them have learned.

“GS allowed me to meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” junior Cassie Gilpin of Senior Troop 144 said.

Gilpin said she became a more confident person, was more accepting of others differences, and was able to work well with people she didn’t know after being in a troop for 10 years.

“GS is amazing for female empowerment, it allows you into a network of women of varying ages all around the world,” Gilpin said.

Previous Girl Scout Member Emily Keith said that she quit after girls in the troop had too much personal drama which is a big issue in a manifold of troops.

“Most people think Girl Scouts are all sisters and best friends, but it’s just like any other group.There’s always going to be drama and problems,” Keith said.

This is why it’s very important to make sure girls get into a good troop with people they’re comfortable with. Keith admits that even though there is drama, it taught her new skills and creates memorable experiences.
“The people in your troop define a good or bad experience when it comes to GS,” sophomore Chloe Schraeder of Senior Troop #125 said.

Schraeder also said that Girl Scouts opened her eyes to the importance of community service and volunteering.

“It’s nice to join a Troop and make new friends and get connections with people,” Schraeder said.

Gilpin, Keith and Schraeder all agree that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Even though Girl Scouts is not for everyone, it makes you a more accepting person and responsible citizen while allowing you to meet new people.

“Another one of my favorite experiences was selling cookies,” Keith said, “because I knew that everyone liked Girl Scouts’ cookies more than Boy Scout’s popcorn.”

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