Creekview’s Othello


Christian Huling

Claire Spaight, Staff Writer

For three weeks, Creekview’s Top Class Theatre had been rehearsing mercilessly for the production of a modern version of Othello, a Shakespeare classic.

Performing Shakespeare in high school is hard enough as it is; so, naturally, the department modernized it, making it in some ways even more challenging.

The talented teens in Top Class were a bit apprehensive about performing Othello, especially since it would be the first time in many years that Creekview had attempted Shakespeare, and the first time in the history of the school that it would be modernized.

Eventually rising up to the occasion, they dug their hands and heart into the script and ran with it. Spontaneously bursting out into monologues or duets became normal, as did talking to walls if the other actors in the scene weren’t present.

Of course, there were many times when they would get distracted and totally forget what line they were saying next, but they tried their best.

The determined technicians stayed many late hours working on set, lighting, sound, and costume design. The tension between cast members and the fatigue they were feeling was setting in fast.

After weeks of character development, talking to walls, military pants (that were apparently too tight or too short,) and stumbling through the blocking process, Othello was ready to hit the stage.

On September 20, the Creekview Black Box: Othello opened at 7 p .m., completely sold out. The audience had no idea what to expect, but the comments received were positive and had an air that the audience wanted to see more like this.

The next day the cast performed for the second and last time. The energy radiating from the cast and the audience was even more intense than opening night.

The actors fed off that energy and later agreed that that performance was the perfect way to end Othello.

As cheesey as it sounds, students will never forget the performances and all the work they put into making Othello what it was: an epic start to what will be a fantastic year for the shoes— it was all worth it.

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