College Visit Limitations

Bekah Pinedo, Staff Writer

It is that time of year when seniors begin to choose where the shelter of their future education will be: college. Some kids dream of leaving the place they have lived for so long while others just want the right to say they had “the college experience.”

That means going out of state to a college that is far from home. But when school is five days a week and most colleges are only open for visits on those days, how are students supposed to venture out and see if where they dream of going is actually where they want to be? That’s where college visit days come in.

Creekview High School allows potential graduates two days of excused absences for college visits. While students at Creekview High are grateful that the school even allows excused days, many don’t see it as enough.

When counselors strongly suggest that students have a list of their top five potentials colleges, the limited amount of excused absence days make it hard to visit those five schools. Suppose students wants to visit schools out of state on opposite coasts, the problem of time presents itself yet again.

When students run out of college days, the only choice left is to take a virtual tour of the campus. They cannot ask an admissions counselor concerns they might have, they cannot get a feel for the kind of people that walk around campus daily, and they cannot physically walk into the atmosphere they will eventually adopt into their lives.

This does not allow for students to get the full feel of the college they plan to see. Most do not feel assured if they are unable walk into the atmosphere rather than look at a computer screen.

Truth is, all the research in the world can be done and students can call as many advisors as they want, but nothing beats walking onto a campus and feeling at home.

Let’s face it. With all the deadlines for applications and the sporadic scheduling of breaks to potentially make visits, two days is simply not enough.

The solution: give students up to at least five days, but continue to require them to make up the work just like everybody else. This way, they get a day to tour their prospective schools with ease and they do not get penalized for being absent.

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