The Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Modern Renaissance’ Palette


From the Anastasia Beverly Hills website

Susie Sutherland, Staff Writer

When I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance palette, I did not exactly keep in mind that I am broke. Despite the fact that I now own multiple eyeshadow sets including two Makeup Revolution, one Coastal Scents  and one Urban Decay: Naked , seeing the warm-toned colors that filled this Modern Renaissance is what lured me in.

If you’ve ever seen me, you know I am obsessed with red eyeshadow. When I saw this palette had three different red shades and two orange shades, it didn’t take long for me to purchase it.

When the makeup arrived at my house, the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous, periwinkle velvet packaging. It was soft to the touch, easy to open, and overall extremely pleasing. The palette closed magnetically and I loved the satisfying ‘snap’ I heard when I opened and closed the set.

Opening the package, I noticed was the elongated mirror across the top of the inside of the palette. The mirror was covered by a plastic seal with Anastasia Beverly Hills written across the seal.

Right away, I dove into the vivid browns, reds and orange eyeshadows inside. There are 14 colors, each with unique and interesting names like Venetian Red, Love Letter and Cyprus Umber. The palette comes with 11 matte shades and three metallic shades. Each color is extremely pigmented and are easy to blend. I have noticed a couple of the shades do have fallout, but it is nothing too extreme.

The palette comes with a double-sided brush with one fluffy, blending side and one packing side. Personally, I do not use the brush because I have noticed the bristles come out of the brush when using it, and the blending side of the brush is too loose to blend anything, so I use my Real Techniques eyeshadow brushes, as well as a double-ended blending brush from the Naked: Smokey palette from Urban Decay.

I love to use this palette to achieve dark eyeshadow looks that include more warm, fall colors. I use this palette almost every day when I go to school, or really anywhere else.

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who loves warm toned colors. You can buy the palette here, but the palette is currently out of stock. Modern Renaissance can also be bought at stores like Ulta and Sephora.

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