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Video Credit: Spenser Olsen | Cross Country - A Sport to Love

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Mustang Student Showcase

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Student Showcase – Spencer Olsen | Cinematography

Mustang Media had a Q & A session with sophomore Spencer Olsen who aspires to become a cinematographer in the future.

Olsen said he currently self-produces videos as a hobby, but hopes to make it a professional career.

The video above is this year’s Cross Country team. Olsen said he decided to create a video for the team since he was unable to run due to a healing injury.


Q: What prompted you to be interested in cinematography?

A: I became interested in cinematography in around 9th grade, when me and my friends decided to make a baseball trickshot video using my Polaroid camcorder.


Q: Do you have a specific goal in mind when you make videos?

A: Most of the time my goal is to ensure I am able to tell the story while making sure each and every shot is high quality.


Q: Are you interested in pursuing cinematography in the future?

A: Yes, I want to move into the movie industry and hopefully attend a good film school such as USC.


Q: Do you have any other projects for Creekview?

A: Other than similar cross country videos I have a football (Creekview vs. Smith) video that I am working on.


Q: How long have you worked with film production?

A: I became more interested and focused on film production in the summer going into my freshman year so as of now that would make it a little over a year.


Q: What is the most crucial part of cinematography?

A: I believe the most crucial part is the story you are trying to convey to the audience, similar to any other essay, just using visuals to do so.

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