Dance Your Heart Out

Izzy Smith, Staff Writer

Moving Ground Dance Company flourishes with a colossal amount of dedication, passion and hard work. They are constantly impressing us with every performance ranging from contemporary to hip hop.

“Dance is always about having a good time and lifting each other up,” junior Andi Britton said.

Junior Aliyah Magee said that dance at Creekview stands out from other dance programs because of the dance teacher, Mrs. Ronelle Eddings, who pushes and inspires them to be the best dancers they can be.

Britton said dance here is so unique because “lots of dance programs don’t have many guys because of the stereotypes and stigmas, but Mrs. Eddings works really hard to try and recruit male dancers.”

Britton said more students should be interested in dance because it’s a great atmosphere where everyone has great connections. She said it has taught her a lot about herself and finding her voice as well as how to express it.

“You don’t have to speak the same languages or be from the same place because dance is the common ground,” senior Myles Canonge said.

Magee admits that Moving Ground is her reason for coming to school and wanting to get out of bed.

“The most important thing I’ve learned from dance is that being yourself is the most beautiful work of art you can create,”  Myles said.

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