Creekview Screens its First Film Festival

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Creekview Screens its First Film Festival

Photo Curtesy: Whitney Kelley

Photo Curtesy: Whitney Kelley

Photo Curtesy: Whitney Kelley

Inaara Muhammad, Managing Editor

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Lights. Camera. Action.

With an audience of over 100 parents, students and teachers, Creekview kicked off its Inaugural Film Festival on Friday, January 13. This event gave student filmmakers across CFBISD a chance to showcase their talent and be recognized.

“We have so many talented students who are interested in film, but there hasn’t really been an outlet for them to express themselves and showcase their vision,” teacher and sponsor Whitney Kelley said. “With the introduction of the Young Filmmakers category in UIL last year, this seemed like the perfect time to take on this project.”

After hearing about the opportunity and its success in other districts from Theatre Director Robert Shepard, Kelley joined with Theatre Booster Club member Renee Putter in sponsoring the festival.

I love that Creekview had a good showing despite the fact that our school doesn’t have dedicated state-of-the-art equipment or classes in which students learn the tricks of the trade,” Kelley said. “Creekview students were self-motivated and did all of their work outside school hours and on their own equipment, software and/or apps.”

The event began with senior Kurtis Kelley and junior Jacob McIntosh welcoming the audience and introducing Buddy, “Where’s My Wallet?” by R.L. Turner student Keigan Zipper. Additional entries from R.L. Turner included “Progression through Technology” by Alexey Anderson and “School Shootings” by Sophia Garza, which won the Best Documentary award.

“A huge thank you goes out to Jessica Latvatalo at R.L. Turner, their AMAT director, who encouraged her students to participate in the festival as well,” Kelley said.

Films from Creekview included “The Haunted Duo” by freshman Madeleine Morvant, which won the Best Narrative award, “Kalopsia” by senior Inaara Muhammad which has been entered into the UIL Young Filmmakers State Competition, “MINE” by Isabella Hernandez, and “Run” by Spencer Olson.

Olson’s “Run” won both the Best in Fest Award and People’s Choice award. The film has also been entered into the UIL Young Filmmakers State Competition.

“I was really surprised actually,” Olson said. “Going into the film festival I was really confident, but I’ve never experienced something like that.”

Olson discovered his passion for filming his freshmen year, when he became inspired by short films on YouTube.

“I did a lot of editing,” Olson said. “That kinda just led into the short films…Someone on Twitter dm’d me and was like there’s a film festival you should do it and I was all excited for that.”

Olson said his intention was to motivate people and start running. After gaining cheers and applause from the audience, he hopes to continue this passion to one day attend University of Southern California Annenberg, the top filmmaking university in the nation.

Accompanying the film entries was “The Sound of Music Mockumentary” created by junior Claire “Cassie” Gilpin, which was played during intermission and gained loud laughs from the audience.

Kelley was impressed by the event’s turnout and its promising future.

“Seeing [the films] in full-size in the Black Box, I think, added to the artistry of the films, and then to hear the audience laugh, sigh, clap, and gasp– even hold their breath in some places– brought these films to life,” Kelley said. “I’m hoping the filmmakers who were there were encouraged and even further inspired by being able to take in how their end products were being received by both friends and strangers.”

Kelley hopes for greater participation in next year’s festival, including entries in this year’s two untouched categories Traditional Animation and Computer Animation.

“The seven Creekview and RLT students who entered this year are truly who made this a success,” Kelley said, “Now that they have paved the way, I anticipate that it will be even larger next year. We want this event to grow and become a district-wide event with entries from all the CFB high schools.”

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