One’s Passion Impacts Many

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One’s Passion Impacts Many

Christie Nah, Staff Writer

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Confetti shoots out from cannons, fog surrounds the wild atmosphere and lasers are beamed across the dance floor while sophomore Saif Ali sends out trance-inducing beats bursting from the speakers.

Although Saif is a varsity golf player and a DECA club member inside campus, many people may not know about his musicality side. Throughout the experience of playing at several gigs and parties, Saif sprouted into a young, aspiring musician, and a successful DJ.

“Music runs through my family,” Saif said. “My elder brother influenced me to share my love of music with everyone and eventually motivated me to build a platform for my hobby of DJ-ing.”

Saif’s elder brother, 24-year-old Umair Ali, a CHS alumni who graduated from University of Arlington in 2015. As a successful artist, entrepreneur, app developer, graphic designer and an audio engineer, Umair is famous for inventing the nation’s number one ringtone, Hotline Bling Ringtone (Marimba Remix), according to iTunes last year.

From the time Saif was born, he has spent his childhood idolizing his elder brother, Umair, who protected and shaped Saif’s journey into music. He has helped Saif walk through with his first song, lead him with advices, and bought him necessary materials for composing music.

“I saw his potential,” Umair said. “Saif’s timeless production style and polished songwriting craft makes him an emerging producer ready to break out.”

With the use of an accessible software called Ableton, and other music-making technologies, Saif has released a total of seven remixes in his SoundCloud account including his most popular, “21 Pilots – Heathens (S4IF Remix),” that reached more than 100,000 plays last week.

“I’ve heard some of his [songs] and I am very impressed on how he puts everything together, creating something unique,” sophomore Keith Matthews said.

In early June of 2016, Saif’s talented work impressed the CEO at Fattmerchant Co., a well-known business company in Orlando, Florida, and immediately hired him as an intern to play a few of his songs at party events.

“During the winter break, [Fattmerchant Co.] flew me down to Orlando and had me play at a  Christmas party but didn’t expect it to have such a crowd,” Saif said. “People were thanking me and praising my music that I created two hours before, and I didn’t realize how successful it was.”

With support from family, friends and strangers, Saif continues his music pathway with high spirits and limitless energy.

He is currently working on 20 songs, each with a distinct style of complex, uplifting chord progressions and melodies. Stay tuned on SoundCloud and Spotify for more of Saif’s work, including original songs releasing soon.  

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