Volunteering Opportunities

Emma Hoffman, Staff Writer

One of the biggest things colleges look for is how much a student is involved in their community, specifically by volunteering. Volunteering isn’t just a label on a resume, but can also be a rewarding experience that helps both the volunteer and those being helped.  Fortunately, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the area.

  1. Carrollton Public Library

Requirements: Must be age 13 or over.

When: Year Round

Opportunities: Sort donated books, shelving assistant, help with children programs. Or, join the League of Extraordinary Teens to meet up with teenagers once a month to plan library programs and books you think the library should have.

How to apply: Call 972-466-4800, visit your local library, or visit their FAQ page

  1.      Downtown Carrollton events

Requirements: Varies

When: Varies

Opportunities: Downtown Carrollton has many events every year, such as the Switchyard Festival. Since almost all of the events are free, they rely on volunteers.

How to apply: Call 972-466-9808

  1.       Metrocrest

Requirements: For volunteers between the ages of 13 and 15, a parent must be present for the volunteer shift. For volunteers 16 and 17 years of age, a parent must be present for the first volunteer shift.

When: In the summer for weekdays, or on weekends throughout the year for special events.

Opportunities: Food pantry volunteers (they request 5 hours a week), social media ambassador (all year), or seasonal events.

How to apply: Check out volunteering opportunities available and register here.

  1.   Perot Museum

Requirements: Must be age 14 or older and attend an orientation

When: Summer

Opportunities: The Perot has a teen summer program, called the Discovery Corps, that requires a total of 40 hours volunteering at Discovery Camp, and 20 hours of exhibit hall work.

How to apply:  Visit this page for all the information and forms necessary to apply for the Discovery Corps.  

  1.     Child Care at Marie Huie Special Education Center

Requirements: None

When: Once a month, 6:15-8:15 (dates determined so far are Feburary 23 and March 23)

Opportunities: Take care of children with special needs while their parents attend a meeting

How to apply: Email [email protected]

  1. School events

Requirements: None

When: All year

Opportunities: Sports events, fundraisers, etc. The school relies on volunteers to keep events running.

How to apply: Ask the head of your grade’s student exec, join organizations such as key club or student council, or ask at the front office.

Key Club is  an international high school program run by Social Studies teacher Jerry Johnson. The focus of Key Club is encouraging and offering volunteering opportunities to students. Members get to help with lots of events, such as Kasey’s Run. To join, visit Johnson at the beginning of the school year, and pay a $15 membership fee.

No matter how you decide to engage in volunteering, this service will always be a  rewarding experience with a positive effect on yourself as a person and your future.

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