In the Ring: Creekview Wrestling


Photo courtesy of Creekview Wrestling

The wrestling team took to the ring on February 24 and 25 in Cypress, Texas for the UIL state level wrestling tournament. Seniors Patrick Heidelberg and Caleb Flores placed at state level, marking new achievements in Creekview history.

Thirteen mustangs consisting of ten state qualifiers and three alternates traveled to the state competition.

To get ready for state competition, Flores said he prepared by dieting really strictly, getting his “weight down the smart way,” and going to every practice he could.

“I started wrestling at 145 pounds because I didn’t feel like cutting weight,” Flores said. “When January rolled around, I thought it was time to get serious so I dropped down to 138 and I was undefeated at 138.”

Flores advanced through the districts bracket, and was the top wrestler going into and coming out of regionals. Then came the historical moments at state.

“My first round was a tough match because it was a rematch against the guy I had lost to earlier,” Flores said. “It was the first round and it was really important that I got that win and beat him. I got that win back, and then second round state was some dude who’s been ranked number two all year.”

Flores automatically received a state medal for defeating the number two wrestler, and he continued competing until placing fourth.

His teammate, Patrick Heidelberg, continued the fight.

“My freshman year we had one state champ, and his name was Jorge,” Heidelberg said. “He was my inspiration. He was Creekview’s only state champ.”

Following in his footsteps, Heidelberg finished the season placing second at state championships, marking the second time in history a Creekview wrestler has made it to state finals.

This season, Heidelberg won 47 matches and lost four.

“I think my best moment was at the state tournament at my semifinals match, when I won by one point” Heidelberg said. “So it was a really close match and the guy was pretty good.”

Both Heidelberg and Flores began their wrestling journeys when they were young. While Heidelberg said he joined wrestling to follow in his brother’s footsteps, Flores said he was first inspired to try wrestling after watching it on TV.

“Well, originally I wanted to be an MMA fighter for a living, but I changed my mind,” Flores said. “But at the time I wanted to be, so I joined wrestling to get better at it. I watched it on TV and I was like I think I could do that.”

Both wrestlers have been practicing for about two hours a day with their teammates and coach to prepare for their season.

“Well, we warm up for a little bit and then we go into some technique and then we start hitting live goes and trynna get our cardio up,” Flores said.

Each wrestler has his own technique to successfully defeat their opponents.

“If it’s a high level opponent, normally I have a game plan for it,” Flores said. “If it’s low level, I just wanna go out there and hit the stuff that I normally hit. It’s all about pulling the trigger as soon as I can.”

The wrestlers are proud of their season, especially because their overall team placed first at both the District and Regional tournaments earlier in the season.

“The best moment was when we, as a team, won regionals because we’ve never done it before,” Flores said. “I was happy for the younger guys on the team and placing as a team.”

Both student wrestlers owe much of their success to their coaches; Sean Kitchen, who was awarded Regional Coach of the Year, and John Johnson, who was awarded both Regional and State Assistant Coach of the Year.

“The team made history by winning a regional championship,” Kitchen, said. “That’s the first time in school history so it was a pretty big deal.”

With a strong future ahead, the mustang wrestlers are excited to see what’s in store for CHS wrestling both in and out of the ring.

“There’s just so much adrenaline going on.” Heidelberg said about his experiences in the ring.


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