Hearing Their Voices

Breanna Mitchell, Staff Writer

On Wednesday May 17, 2017, students performed works of poetry in Creekview’s fourth annual Poetry Slam organized by AP English Literature, Comp Poets, and the Poetry Slam Team.

The night was dedicated to Peter Myers, a past english teacher at Creekview who passed away earlier this year.

“Mr. Myers was involved in past poetry slams and he always had his students write a lot in his class,” senior Rachel Merino said. “So I believe that having this event in his honor was very fitting, and speaks to the values of what he believed in.”

The evening began with guests and performers gathered in the cafeteria to mingle and enjoy refreshments.

“Everyone had their own pent up emotions and feelings to let loose in the form of poetry, and I think that was a great experience to see today,” senior Tina Nguyen said.

The first half of the event was a read aloud where students could read an original, or another author’s work of poetry they would like to share.

The second half of the night encompassed “the slam” where each contestant performed their poem and received scores from the judges.

Merino said the event gave everyone a chance to “express themselves, be vulnerable and get to show a new side of themselves.”

The audience showed their support by clapping and cheering loudly for each performer, and booing the judges when they gave a lower score.

“You see that everyone is going through different things and that you’re not alone, and I thought that was really cool,” senior Julie Kim said.

The poems touched on a large variety of topics including body image, politics, and mental illness.

“There’s something about people being vulnerable that opens people’s eyes to what other people are going through and it’s really encouraging,” senior Sarah Reicherts said.

After everyone performed, the scores from the slam were totaled to put junior Katriel Hart in third place, senior Marco Mejia in second, and senior Violet Smith and junior Emma Hoffman tied for first.

The school hopes to continue both the Poetry Slam and Poetry Slam Team in the coming years.

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