Christie Nah, Co-Editor

The CFBISD school board meeting was held last Thursday night, uniting the Carrollton-Farmers Branch community and highlighting important aspects in the growth in the district.

Parents, students, and teachers were given an opportunity to share their opinions and emotional experiences about their contribution in the CFBISD schools.

The board members inducted VIPs (Very Important Professionals) that were later selected from different schools in CFBISD, honoring those who distributed a great amount of positive input in the district.

“Throughout the 28 years that Mike Seeley has served in our department,  he has always influenced other teachers and students,” Alternative Education Principal Melissa Wesley said, “he never failed to bring out a positive environment in the classroom and he has never failed to smiled each and everyday.”

Next, board members transitioned into the discussion and topics over district taxes, chromebooks for middle school students, installation on security cameras, athletic supplies, financial reports, and an argument regarding term limits.

“Term limits could possibly promote minority representation on the board as well as increasing our diversity Vice President Nancy Cline said, “but if the rule was to be applied, this would exclude Mr. Flemming from running again.”

Tensions regarding over term limits were heating up as board members were confounded of the escalating debate. Concluding the meeting with further discussion and consideration of approval over term limits.

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