Cross Country is Harder than You Think


Spencer Olson, Staff Member

In my eyes, running is a type of meditation.  Those early morning runs as the chilly air hits your skin really seem to keep my mind in a relaxed state. For individuals who love to run, cross country is the best way to express that feeling of achievement, it is a sport that many people underestimate. Although it may not include a whole lot of physical contact, it does push your body to the max, both mentally and physically.

The cross country team has a lot of potential this season, and with a strong varsity team, they have a shot at qualifying for the state meet in Round Rock. Senior Gonzalo Gaytan, varsity cross country runner, has had a really strong start to the current season. It takes motivation to be able to push yourself to keep going throughout the races, and there was significant improvement in Gayton’s self-motivation since last season.

“I never really cared about running fast times, that’s just a bonus,” Gayton said. “The challenging part about running cross country is conditioning yourself to run long distances.”

Before a race starts, some runners become nervous, but that anxiety tends to goes away a few minutes into the run. Senior Varsity cross country runner Chris Galindo said he keeps himself calm before a run by trying not to overthink.

“Overthinking a race before it starts is what gets your anxiety up,” Galindo said, so it’s best just to think about crossing the finish line.

Galindo mentioned that it can be difficult to maintain motivation, especially when you run so much.

“There’s a point where you get too tired,” Galindo said. “But that’s when you gotta push through and overcome it.”

Cross country for the most part is an individual sport. It’s considered a team sport because the ranking of each runner from a team all adds up to a final score, and the highest ranking determines which team wins.

Although it takes courage to run cross country, most runners agree it’s a wonderful experience for growth, not only mentally, but physically as well.

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