High School Musical On Stage

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High School Musical On Stage

Christie Nah, Co-Editor

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The successful Disney film “High School Musical,” known for its all-American teenage love story, was chosen for this year’s play. After months of preparation, it was finally opened last Friday by the CHS theatre and choir department.


“We felt like we wanted something upbeat and modern,” Head Choir Director Tara Sikon said.  “In the previous years, we’ve done older classics, so we had the urge to pull something in that this generation had a bit more of ownership and investment.”


The play is written about a star athlete at East High School who falls for the new student, but the two struggle with grueling decisions between their after-school activities and the school musical, as well as their relationship.   


“The audition process was always so hard because so many talented students came in to try out,” Sikon said. “The directors of the theatre department and I agreed carefully on those we felt that needed to play these lead roles and surely all of them blossomed throughout the shows.”


The main cast includes senior Josiah Willis and junior Jillian Beckman who both played as the Disney’s star-crossed lovers Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.


“When I got the lead role, I immediately felt connected to Troy in a way,” Willis said.  “Just like Troy, I get a lot of people criticizing me for doing theatre and choir, but I also balance out playing sports outside of singing and acting.”


Senior James Zeinert who played Chad Danforth in the musical said that practice was two to four hours long everyday and a lot of time and dedication went into the production.


“Last week we were practicing for ten days in a row and it was extremely exhausting,” Zeinert said. “I’m glad it’s all over but then again I am definitely sad that this was my last musical.”


All the hard work paid off as many people from the community came to watch and support the play.


Towards the end of the musical, the crowd stood and roared with applause.


After the play ended, many people from the audience paid $5 to attend the meet and greet to see the cast and crew members.


“A lot of people came to see us and majority of them were younger kids,” Senior Jessica Hausmann, starring as Kelsi Nielsen, said.  “A lot of us grew up on High School Musical and it was fun to reenact the play which made all of us remember our childhood memories.”

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