European exchange students adapt to the all-American Life

Christie Nah, Co-Editor


Halfway around the world, juniors Angelo Pinto and Chiara Alla, an Italian and a French exchange student, travelled for more than 20 hours to embark on their journey to the American Dream at Creekview High School.


Pinto describes the hardships and the sacrifices he had to make in order to study overseas.


“It was pretty tough leaving my family behind in Italy,” Pinto said. “At first they didn’t support it but I persuaded them that this was a path I wanted to take.”


Foreign exchange student programs facilitated the process of bringing Pinto and Alla to live with their host family and chose to attend CHS for an academic year.


“Our house is filled with jubilation,” host mother Cassey Humberger said. “Although Angelo and Chiara came here to learn and study, our family feels like we are learning something new as well.”


According to The Atlantic website, U.S. education system is significantly different compared to the schools in Europe.


“In France, teachers were very hard on the students,” Alla said. “Like even if I was a minute late to school, I would get in huge trouble.”


Pinto and Alla both said they were astonished after they were introduced with the American culture at CHS.  


“Back in my hometown, we didn’t have a huge sports team,” Pinto said. “I went to my first American football game here at Creekview and I was amazed with all the school spirit.”


Fellow classmate, senior Joshua Ramirez said he guided the exchange students and helped them get a little taste of the real American high school life.


“When I first saw them, I thought it would be cool to make friends that were outside of this country,” Ramirez said. “Even though communicating with them was a little rocky at first, we made progress.”


Although adapting to the new environment was difficult for Pinto and Alla at first, they’ve made unforgettable memories along the way.


“We really love it here, especially the food, the people, and the area,” Alla said. “Creekview provided so many opportunities that my school fails to give and I’m going to miss it here when I leave.”

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