Bonjour, French Club


Top row left to right: Simon Pena, Ahren Ingram, Ally Brown, Ashley Kaufman. Middle row left to right: Madeline Morvant, Miranda Marshall, Monsieur Willborn, Hannah Wendelshafer, Bianca Perez, Emma Wendelshafer. Bottom row left to right: Trystan Graham, Autumn Taylor.

Katriel Hart, Staff Member

As high school students, there are certain credit requirements for you to graduate; one of those being two years of foreign language. Some choose their language based on what they think will be easiest, and some choose based on what they have a genuine interest in.

Members of the French Club are an example of the latter: a group of students with a fascination wit

h the French language and culture. This fascination is further displayed by the officer board’s drive to get the club up and running.

“French club has been around for a while, but they never really did anything,” senior French club president Ally Brown said. “This year we’re trying to restart it.”

The French club is more than the language and potlucks though.

“We’re kind of just like a little family,” junior Hannah Wendelshafer said. “We get together and talk about different French things and learn more about the culture as a whole.”

Wendelshafer and Brown both agree that French club is an important club to have at Creekview.

“It’s kind of like a safe place for people who don’t typically feel accepted anywhere else,” Wendelshafer said.

If you’re interested in learning more about French culture, follow @creekview_french_club on instagram for more information on future meetings.





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