The Wranglers of 2017


Junior Ellington Jones and senior samantha bowen dressed as frat boys.

Jannat Malik, Staff Writer

What originated with three freshman boys as the Wranglers in 1998, has now grown into a rowdy group of 14 boys and, for the first time ever in school history, two girls.


“It feels like we broke history in a way,” senior Wrangler Lauren Avant said. “Us girls are pretty much like the boys. We’re wild, we’re crazy, we have no filter.”


The Wranglers wear a red shirt and khaki shorts as they run through the halls during spirit parades, working together to bring an energetic vibe to the students.


“We get along pretty well,” senior Wrangler Samantha Bowen said. “We’re all accepting of one another and I appreciate that.”


Along with hyping up the crowd, Wranglers occasionally work to assist band and other organizations.


“We meet up before football games to help load up the trucks and go out to eat as a group afterwards,” Bowen said. “There is a special connection between all the Wranglers.”


Often times participating in all of the events can be tiring, but the Wranglers serve as a symbol of school spirit.

“If I could rate the experience of being a Wrangler, I’d rate it a ten because you have an excuse to act like a fool and you also get to hype up the crowd,” junior Wrangler Ellington Jones said.


He also said he believes that being a Wrangler is worth the effort.


“All of that adds up to be a really fun experience each game, and it doesn’t even matter if the team is winning or not,” Jones said.

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