The ‘Big Reveal’ Finally Uncovered

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The ‘Big Reveal’ Finally Uncovered

Christie Nah, Co-Editor

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CARROLLTON— On Wednesday, the CFBISD board and staff were invited to celebrate the “big news” at the ESDC that was first announced through a tweet last Monday by CFBISD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Burns.


For almost over a week, students and teachers were eager to learn more about the news and finally they were able to find out what the “big reveal” was as Burns, Ph.D., stood up to the podium to explain the CFBISD board members’ plan.


“The ‘big news’ is actually about the Stellar Signature Programs which will be integrated in CFBISD elementary schools this year,” Dr. Burns said. “Although it encompasses around elementary school students, this program will have a great impact on these children as they get into middle school and throughout high school.


The signature program is distributed into two different academies, including the Imagine Fine Arts Academy, offering theater, art, music, dance classes, and the Spark Stem Academy, offering robotics, coding, problem-solving components.


These two academies are currently opened for registration and application deadline is in March 16.


“The purpose behind this program is to open academies to young children and to hopefully increase their academic performance, build skills, and encourage creativity and innovation,” CFBISD board member Candace Valenzuela said. “I believe this will provide readiness and resourcing future references.”


For more information on the program, please visit

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