Make a Year of It

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Make a Year of It

Izzy Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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From January 29 to 31, upcoming sophomores, juniors and seniors will pick their classes for the next year in advisory and with their counselor by using the course selection sheets.


These decisions will determine a student’s future. As a result, many students stress out.


World History teacher Lindsay Neybert, a 2008 CHS alumni, has experienced and pushed through the schedule planning that all underclassmen are experiencing now.


“If I could go back I probably would’ve looked more into AP and Dual Credit because it would’ve gotten me more college credit,” Neybert said.


Neybert said she would have also auditioned for Moving Ground Dance Company since she was already heavily involved in the drill team.


“If you have an idea of what you want to do for your future, then make sure to take classes related to that subject so you can get the exposure,” Neybert said.


Senior Grace Sutherland agreed that if a student thinks they can handle an AP or dual credit course, then they should take it.


“Plan out how much time you have for homework,” Sutherland said.  “It can get overwhelming if you’re in multiple AP classes, so planning out your time is very helpful.”


Sutherland also said that if you’re interested in being a student aid for a specific teacher, make sure you contact them ahead of time.


Senior Laura Jabr said that one thing she regretted about her planning was not giving herself enough leisure or time to do things that she enjoyed in addition to school.


“Make sure to carve out a schedule that fits both your academic wants and your personal needs,” Jabr said.


Jabr said that she has always known that she wants to be a chemical engineer, so taking many science classes has helped her with that. However, not everyone knows exactly what they want to be, and this can be a little difficult to work around, but it is not impossible.


“For people who don’t really know what they want to do with their lives, it would be important to take a lot of different classes and not confine yourself to whatever endorsement you want,” Jabr said.


Jabr advises not to stress over schedule conflicts, and to keep an open mind about not having  to stick with a set plan. Sometimes ending up in an elective class such as fashion marketing or creative writing can spark a passion inside a student that they never knew they had.


“You’re only in high school once,”Jabr said. “So why not take advantage of every opportunity you have?”

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