Five students selected for Young Masters Exhibit

Photo Courtesy Cindy Sommerman

Kaitlyn Dube, Staff Writer

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Five Creekview artists crafted different forms of artwork varying from pencil drawings to pieces created from nickel and brass.


The artists – Luu Anh Pham, David Lee, Taskeen Zehra, Denise Elizondo, and Malaki Askew – were selected to publish their art in the Young Masters Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, or the DMA.


The O’Donnell foundation has been sponsoring the Young Masters Exhibit since 1995 which is an institute that allows students taking an AP art class to show their skill through forms of art while their work is published at the DMA.


The Young Masters Exhibit allows high school students the opportunity to earn scholarships if their pieces are selected to be showcased.


Senior, Taskeen Zahra is selected again this year for her handmade ear cuff which were made out of natural resources such as copper and nickel.

“It was very surprising and exciting to hear my artwork was being selected for the DMA once again this year. This is my second year in a row and it’s a great honor for me having this opportunity,” Zahra said.


Throughout the state of Texas, 560 pieces of art were submitted and 126 pieces were accepted to be in the gallery.


The display of all 126 pieces of art will be open to the public on Feb. 25 through April 15 in the Concourse Gallery at the DMA.


Malaki Askew is another student out of the five others selected to showcase their work.


“I believe that making it into the DMA is the first big step in my career because of how well known the museum is and how much weight comes with making it in” Senior Malaki Askew, an AP 3D Studio Art student said.


“Frustration” is the title of his necklace made of brass and nickel which took three weeks to complete.


“I titled my art piece frustration because it was the literal representation of the emotion I felt when trying to design the piece,” Askew said.


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