Passing the torch: Sikon and Alarcon leaves a legacy in the campus

District finalizes in candidate evaluation for new choir director

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Passing the torch: Sikon and Alarcon leaves a legacy in the campus

Photo Courtesy of Trail Dust Yearbook

Photo Courtesy of Trail Dust Yearbook

Photo Courtesy of Trail Dust Yearbook

Christie Nah, Co-Editor

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After 11 years of teaching music on the grounds of Creekview High School, Head Choir Director Tara Sikon prepares to depart from the campus and will start anew at Birdville ISD next year.


In an announcement to students last month, Sikon, along with Assistant Choir Director Cody Alarcon formally announced their departure from CHS at the end of the school year.


“I knew it was going to be a emotional response,” Sikon said. “It’s been a long time since I have been teaching at Creekview and it was hard ripping the band-aid off and breaking the news to my students.”


In early May, the district recognized Kelly Pfaffenberger, a former Head Choir Director who had taught music at Creekview since when the campus first opened its doors in 1998, to take Sikon’s place as Head Choir Director.


“When I was notified to come teach at Creekview, I felt that heaven opened its doors for me to start my music career once again,” Pfaffenberger said.


Alarcon said that it is phenomenal to see that the baton is passed to somebody that already once had the baton.


“We were happily surprised to hear that Mrs.Pfaffenberger was coming back to Creekview,” Alarcon said. “She was the one who was here when Creekview first opened its doors and you can’t beat that since she has been part of this school.”


The surprising news of handing the position to Pfaffenberger gave the choir students, as well as Sikon and Alarcon, a sense of relief.


“After finding out that both Sikon and Alarcon were leaving us next year, everyone was completely upset,” sophomore Bethany Merino said. “But when we realized that Mrs. Pfaffenberger the new choir director, you could feel that the atmosphere wasn’t as tense anymore.”


During her tenure as choral director at CHS, Pfaffenberger had established many of the foundations of the school’s music department, including the ongoing tradition of singing the benediction “Lord Bless You and Keep You” by John Rutter with the whole choir at the end of each concert.


“It’s really cool to know that the person that established these traditions was from Mrs. Pfaffenberger,” senior Jessica Hausmann said. “It’s also nice to know that she isn’t a complete stranger to us and we can entrust her to continue these cherished traditions.”


It has been many years since Pfaffenberger walked in the halls of the campus.


“There’s definitely a sense of familiarity walking around the building.” Pfaffenberger said. “The classrooms, bathrooms, and some of the staff members look no different than what it looked like 11 years ago.”


Throughout the 11 years as a retired choral music educator, Pfaffenberger still maintained as an active accompanist for multiple choral programs.

“I was pretty occupied during those years as a mom of three as well as a Women’s Youth Chorus conductor at the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas.” Pfaffenberger said. “All I ever want to do is to make beautiful music with everybody and that will never change.”

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