First SAT School-Day Testing a Success

Christie Nah, Editor-In-Chief

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The campus was filled with deafening silence as test takers take on the first SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) school organized test on Oct. 10.


Administered throughout the CFBISD school district, the SAT is open to juniors and registered seniors, allowing an opportunity for those students to have an easy access to the globally recognized test without financial concerns.  


Historically, students have had to register, pay, and plan for transportation to a possible unfamiliar location, all on their own volition.


For some students, this was not a challenge but for others, it has been a barrier to opportunities for success and continuous learning achievement at the university level. By offering the SAT-School Day, CFBISD has effectively removed most of these barriers.


“I took the SAT before but I would rather register for the SAT School-Day test from now on,” senior Liya Bekele said. “Since I was familiar with the testing environment, I was not nervous at all and I believe that nerves are something that drags us down while we take the test.”


Campus Testing Coordinator Jill Bondies said she believes that many students took advantage of this opportunity.


“I think that speaks to the desires of our student body to challenge themselves and push toward endeavors of learning beyond high school,” Bondies said.


Juniors who were interested in taking the test had to register in the Google Forms to officially “Opt-In.” Seniors were automatically put into the testing system; however, those who were disinterested had to submit a Google Form to “Opt-Out” of the testing day.


Test takers were given the resources of room lists around the campus walls. Materials such as a student ID, calculator, two No. 2 pencils, and a small snack or water were the only items permissible in the testing rooms.


Those who did not test, including freshmen, sophomores, and other “Opt-Out” students were held in their designated advisory to complete a campus required lesson during the duration of the test day.


However, there were numerous amount who signed up for the SAT School-Day exam.


Out of roughly 900 eligible students, approximately 700 students tested.


From the five campuses offering the SAT-School Day test, Creekview had the most juniors percentage-wise “Opt-In” to test.


“Here at Creekview there were overwhelming responses to take advantage of this free testing opportunity during the school day,” Campus Testing Coordinator Jill Bondies said. “We are hopeful that this trend of interest from our student body continues and that C-FB will also continue to provide this opportunity to you.”

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