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The Creekview High School Mane Event Staff is devoted to informing its readership and upholding journalistic integrity.  We practice freedoms stated in the First Amendment and uphold the laws of libel and copyright.

The Mane Event is a forum where we encourage letters to the editor as they constitute a constructive avenue for students, faculty and  community opinions. Writers must sign letters to be considered, although the writer’s name may be withheld upon request. Only the adviser and editor-in-chief will know the identity of the writer.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit all letters and send them back to the writer if inappropriate content is found.  All letters must be submitted to the journalism staff room, C120, at least two weeks prior to publication.

Letters can also be submitted through e-mail at [email protected]

The editorial board will consist of the adviser and editors. Other staff members may sit in, but only as nonvoting members.

The Mane Event holds the right to reject advertisements that the staff considers obscene, inappropriate or that advertises products or services illegal for the majority of Creekview students.

Stories will be bylined.  All copy is checked for grammatical, spelling, ethical and libel problems. The staff holds full responsibility for any copy or photos in the Mane Event.  All copy and advertisements are copyrighted.  Any misuse of copy in the Mane Event will result in a legal matter.  This is a condensed form of the Mane Event editorial policy.

For a full policy, please contact:

Brit Crew, Adviser

(972) 968-4855

3201 Old Denton Rd

Carrollton, TX  75007

The Mane Event News Magazine is created entirely by students, for students, and is published four times a year.


Student Voice of Creekview HS