Mustang Media

2017-2018 Staff

Christie Nah


Christie Nah is a junior at Creekview High School. This is her first year as one of the two co-editors of Mane Event, and third year a...

Alexis Ferguson

Staff Member

Alexis Ferguson is a senior and staff member on the Creekview Mane Event staff of 2017-2018. This is her fourth year in the Law A...

Kaitlyn Dube

Staff Member

Kaitlyn Dube finds it hard to believe she's a sophomore, but then there are times when she believes that time is going by too slow....

Izzy Smith


In Izzy’s dreams, she lives in a beautiful loft with her best friends, plenty of cats and dogs (specifically French Bulldogs, ...

Jannat Malik

Staff Member

Jannat Malik is a junior and a new member of this year’s Mane Event staff. Taking pictures and writing are the two ways she li...

Emma Hoffman


This is Emma Hoffman’s second year on the Mane Event staff, and this year she is excited to be Editor-in-Chief. Emma is a s...

Katriel Hart

Staff Member

Katriel Hart, who goes by Kat, is a new member of the Mane Event staff this year. They are involved in choir, dance, Senior Exec an...

Avin Park

Staff Member

Avin Park, along with Spencer Olson, has big goals for Mustang Media by delivering a visual approach on news. Avin can be seen as sp...

Spencer Olsen

Staff Member

This will be Spencer’s first year working with Mustang Media and Mane Event. Spencer hopes to provide a different aspect to t...

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