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Alexis Ferguson
Alexis Ferguson is a senior and staff member on the Creekview Mane Event staff of 2017-2018. This is her fourth year in the Law Academy and first year on the staff. Her future goal is to take over David Muirs spot hosting the ABC World News Tonight. She wants to be a part of newspaper because it’s the first step towards her goal, and it looks good on a college application. On the weekends she volunteers at a local nursing home as a part of her community service hours required to graduate. She enjoys creative writing and reading True Crime novels in her spare time. On Monday nights, she watches The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or the Bachelorette In Paradise- whichever is currently being aired. Her favorite movie is Titanic, and her favorite TV shows are “Baby Daddy” and “The Office”.

Alexis Ferguson, Staff Member

Student Voice of Creekview HS