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Alyssa Gruehn
Even though she’s writing this in a classroom in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, Alyssa Gruehn isn’t actually there. While she may be physically in Creekview High School, in her head she’s traveling across the globe hoping one day a lifetime of adventure will all be a reality. When this travel fanatic isn’t going around the world in 80 seconds, she’s keeps busy being the managing editor of newspaper, captain of the Mustang Band’s front ensemble, an avid member of the band leadership team, and constantly in denial that's she’s graduating next summer.

However, traveling isn’t her only obsession passion, Gruehn also loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, and playing both the oboe and the marimba. Even listening to music at least once a day is a must, since music constantly rivals with Chris Evans as the love of her life.  She plans on being a nurse at whatever hospital has the best scenic view, and spending out the rest of her days helping people, visiting every country possible, finally finding a cure to stop her curly hair from frizzing, and creating a love story epic enough to rival Ted Mosby’s (coincidentally, How I Met Your Mother is her favorite show, right after Parks and Rec. and The Office).

Alyssa Gruehn, Managing Editor

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