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Anna Chainaranont
Editor Anna Chainaranont has begun her final year in high school. As a senior, she’s actively involved in newspaper, yearbook, and the drawing arts of Creekview. Expressive and appreciative of the art scene, she recently discovered a new form of art: making coffee.

She developed an admiration for espresso and it’s energy emanating effects after landing a job as a cafe barista over the summer.

Her introversion and calm aura may elude the average person, however, she takes a strong, defiant stance and speaks for feminism and equality overall.

Anna has been considering either architecture, public health, international affairs, or journalism as an undergraduate study, but remains conflicted and undecided. She plans to move out of her humble abode that is Carrollton, TX, and travel out of state to explore other areas.


Anna Chainaranont, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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