Mustang Media

Avin Park
Avin Park, along with Spencer Olson, has big goals for Mustang Media by delivering a visual approach on news. Avin can be seen as sporadic, spontaneous, unpredictable, and easy going with everybody. Avin expands with his spontaneous nature by being apart of Wranglers. As a Mane Event staff member, Avin strives to express news, opinions, and views in a visual story presentation. He believes his comedic nature allows for stories to be told in a unique fresh, perspective. After high school Avin plans to pursue film. His vision allows for creative plans in films, commercial, TV shows, YouTube, and news. Avin's personality also allows a breezy transition to acting, opening even more career opportunities. With big visions in store for Mustang Media, Avin plans to work creatively along side his Mane Event staff members, making this a year to remember.

Avin Park, Staff Member

Oct 16, 2017
Fittest at Creekview (Story)
Student Voice of Creekview HS