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Bayley Bogus
Senior and Editor-in-Chief of newspaper this 2015-2016 year, Bayley Bogus is nothing but happy to have one year left of high school. Having already been accepted into university before the start of school, senioritis is the real struggle. However, juggling multiple AP classes this year and having the desire to keep her spot in top 10% of her class prevents her from slacking off.

While she claims people aren't her favorite things in the world, she knows how to work well with them, having to be a hostess and server at TGI Friday’s. Having been shy and reserved for years, working in the service industry has helped her out of her shell.

If she didn’t have to work and go to school, you’d find Bayley laying out on a beach, soaking up the sun. This is her favorite place in the world, and she hopes to one day live somewhere that has a closer proximity to the ocean than Texas, because the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t quite cut it. When not daydreaming about life on a beach, you’ll also catch Bayley binge watching Netflix in any spare time available.

Bayley Bogus, Editor-in-Chief

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