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Bekah Pinedo
Senior Bekah Pinedo is a new member on Creekview’s newspaper staff this year. Apart from her role as staff writer, Bekah is also a member of the Creekview Mock Trial team and the video/media team for Covenant Church. She has always had a passion for writing, but only thought of pursuing it professionally during her seventh grade year. Her goal is to become a writer that travels places people aren’t willing to go and inform them of inspiring hidden stories. To help achieve her goal, Bekah writes daily and has taken Journalism, Creative Writing and all advanced English courses. She now hopes to further develop her skills through newspaper. Bekah has even had one of her pieces performed as a spoken word and made into a video to play at a youth conference of 700 teenagers. Besides writing, she is a fanatic when it comes to classic books, ie.”Pride and Prejudice”, Marvel superheroes , and all things 70s, 80s and 90s. In addition, she can recite Billy Joel’s “Vienna” by heart. When it comes to clothing, Bekah takes on the Batman motto “I only work in black and sometimes very dark grey.” On stormy days, it is rare to find her inside because, for Bekah, rainy weather is perfect weather. As of now she plans to attend college at Santa Fe University of Art and Design as an English major and Creative Writing minor. She is looking forward to adding newspaper to her list of things that will make her senior year that much better.

Bekah Pinedo, Staff Writer

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