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Blake Roye
If you compare a brand new F-22 Raptor fighter plane to Blake Roye, you would find they have little in common. Unlike the state-of-the-art airborne steel reptile, Blake is large and cumbersome, and can travel nowhere near 1,200 miles per hour. A more appropriate comparison would be to a reliable, trustworthy, and friendly post-adolescent young man who wants nothing more than to grow the journalism program here at Creekview High School. When he is not writing or doing his homework, Blake is serving as section leader in the Marching band as well as first chair Trombone in the full orchestra, wind symphony, and jazz band. Blake has his eyes set on becoming a neurosurgeon, but if that falls through he will begin training to be in the Olympics, although he hasn’t decided which event yet. If he were an ice cream flavor, it would have to be mint chocolate chip. Refreshing, yet familiar, and a cool treat on a hot summer day.

Blake Roye, Editor

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