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Breanna Mitchell
Aspiring dancer, Breanna Mitchell, dedicates most of her time to her pre-professional ballet training and wants nothing more than to one day earn her daily bread by using her talent to create art on stage. Breanna’s passion for art extends past the ballet studio and into the world of writing and storytelling. She is incredibly excited to embrace her love for journalism by being a staff writer for Creekview High School’s newspaper this year. Breanna strongly believes that everyone has a story to tell and the world should not be deprived of hearing anyone’s voice. If nothing else, Breanna considers herself an avid daydreamer with a wild imagination. She prides herself in keeping an open mind and is always willing to learn new things, entertain new thoughts and explore new places where she can find beauty and inspiration. Breanna is dedicated to her school work and never shies away from a challenge. Although Breanna will be graduating high school in June 2017, she has absolutely no idea what her future will hold. Though uncertainty is scary, Breanna knows that as long as she can dance, write and dream, she will be okay.

Breanna Mitchell, Staff writer

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