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Claire (Cassie) Gilpin
Cassie Gilpin is excited to be on the Creekview Newspaper Staff this year, and cannot wait to start creating for Creekview Media. When she’s not writing for Newspaper, you can find her acting on the Creekview Speech Team and in Top Class Theatre, as well as filming the annual Mockumentary for the musical in November. As this is Cassie’s junior year, she is focused to get into college, and she’s stressed out to the max balancing AP and Honors classes. In her spare time, Cassie enjoys hanging out with her two corgi puppies, attending concerts, where House of Blues is her second home, and watching NASA livestreams. In her off time from stalking The 1975 fan-made instagrams, or marathoning “Parks & Rec” or “Stranger Things” (#barbdeservedbetter) on Netflix, she enjoys baking and cooking pasta with her family. Although her YouTube channel is only updated once every blue moon, she loves experimenting with new makeup and worshipping Casey Neistat’s daily vlogs. She hopes to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in TV, Radio & Film. Cassie aspires to one day be able to live in London where her relatives live. She also wishes to have four kids: corgi, golden retriever, a black cat (named Lucifer), and a mainecoon. She’s a huge advocate for feminism and hopes to one day be able to fulfill her biggest ambition of travelling the world and be exposed to cultures in various different countries.

Cassie Gilpin, Staff Writer

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