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Darian Boddie
You know that quote from that one book about that one guy who was in love with that one girl? Yeah, well, Darian may. Her room should be labeled as “hazardous” due the amount of books that cover the floor and possibly even the walls.

With the urge to clean anything and everything, she has tried, on multiple occasions, to make the space habitable; and there are some days where it is.

The addiction all started when she had gotten lost into the words and pages of the ever-so-popular kids series, The Magical Treehouse.

However, the 17-year-old doesn’t place any blame on the books but rather praises them for helping her through her childhood.

Being the youngest of five girls, Darian oftentimes found herself examining her emotionally inept siblings and questioning if she truly belongs in the bunch. Getting lost within the midst of her thoughts almost every day, she began to mold herself to the pages of books, the imprint of her form on the mattress, and the little gadgets you find inside of computers.
After years of analyzing others and judging herself, she found her way to the person she felt comfortable being: an encrypted, sleep deprived, technological and literary fanatic.

Darian Boddie, Staff Writer

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