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Emma Hoffman
This is Emma Hoffman’s second year on the Mane Event staff, and this year she is excited to be Editor-in-Chief. Emma is a senior who is planning to attend UT Austin after she graduates, but that depends somewhat on if she finds the motivation to finish the stressful college applications she has to do to actually get in. She is also a staff member for yearbook, and is one of the people in charge of the school’s poetry club, which means most of our time is dedicated to either writing or taking photographs. When she does have free time, you can usually find her in her room sleeping, reading, writing, or watching Netflix (or Hulu) with her brother. Occasionally, she goes out to hang with friends, and they usually just eat food or watch horror movies (or both). She also tends to go on long liberal rants about anything and everything, and has given up on caring how people feel about that. Emma works everyday to try and be less ignorant than she was the day before, and to also educate other people. She has a twin brother who barely resembles her, but they were indeed in the womb together, and he's one of her favorite people. She loves her family and best friends, and has two dogs who have a 13 year age difference and never stop fighting or attacking her, but she still loves them.

Emma Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief

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