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Inaara Muhammad
“On the road trip of life, always follow your heart, but make sure your brain rides shotgun.” Inaara Muhammad may have trouble making decisions in the constant battle between her heart and brain, but during important moments she always lets her instincts guide her. After contemplating early graduation, Inaara stayed back to experience her senior year and explore her career options in business and journalism. Besides serving as newspaper’s Managing Editor, Inaara challenges herself academically with rigorous classes and plays an active role volunteering in her community. She teaches at an Early Childhood Development Center, and beams every time her young students run up to hug her. You’ll often witness Inaara running between the corners of Creekview stressing out as she tries to multitask way too early in the morning. Inaara’s busy schedule accounts for her lack of sleep and occasional crankiness during the day. But, despite her sassy appearance and sometimes stubborn opinions, Inaara is a sweet, simple and bubbly girl who believes that ice cream and retail therapy can solve any problem. She puts her heart into everything she does, and is dedicated to making a difference in this world.

Inaara Muhammad, Managing editor

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