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Izzy Smith
In Izzy’s dreams, she lives in a beautiful loft with her best friends, plenty of cats and dogs (specifically French Bulldogs, Corgis, and Dachshunds), and she spends her days reading and writing. In real life, she takes the bus to school and walks through the crowded hallways with Bowling For Soup blasting through her headphones. Izzy is the Media Manager and one of the two Co-editors. This is her second year in newspaper and she is very excited to be here, because in her first year she met some of the best people that she knows now. She is very excited for all of the memories she will make this year, surrounded by people she loves while sharing the voices of Creekview students with the world. She spends a majority of her time sleeping, writing slam poetry, and sharing memes with her buds and Spicy Bois™. She talks and zones out a lot, so sometimes she’ll start telling a story and forget so she’ll just stop mid sente…..

Izzy Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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