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Jamison Amerine
Jamison is finally at the end of the road in his high school journey. Boy how bittersweet that feeling is for him. Being the head honcho of the sports section for Mustang Media, Jamison plans to major in journalism and take ESPN by storm one day as a journalist or SportsCenter anchor.

If you happen to see Jamison working at his computer in the buried back corner of the room, you will most likely find him jamming to something loud. While Jamison enjoys hip-hop music, he did not appreciate Drake tearing down his favorite artist, Meek Mill, in a “straight fire” diss track famously known as “Back to Back”.

Jamison visited the city of Baton Rouge over the summer for an LSU campus visit and realized that his stomach’s capacity might not hold all the delicious meats and treats the area has to offer.

Eh, Jamison will have to make it work.

While Jamison is undecided in his college choice, he plans on going out of Texas and creating a fresh start in a place to call his own. While Carrollton has been a sufficient living environment for 18 years, he feels that no person should be centralized to one area for their whole life.

When June of 2016 rolls around, Jamison’s main goal is to finish in the top 10 of his class, and to have everyone in newspaper ready to vote for Kanye West in the 2020 election.

Jamison Amerine, Sports Editor

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