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Katriel Hart
Katriel Hart, who goes by Kat, is a new member of the Mane Event staff this year. They are involved in choir, dance, Senior Exec and Student Council. Kat firmly believes that humans have done nothing to deserve dogs, and loves their beagle Sam more than anything. They have no idea what they want to do after they graduate, but they hope it involves a lot of time in nature, good people, and as many pets as possible. Kat is extremely involved in activism, and though they aren’t able to call themself “woke” yet, they try their hardest to stay educated. Though they have many interests, including but not limited to, reading, writing, and crying over Broadway musicals, they always manage to make time for all of them, no matter how tired they (constantly) are. One of Kat’s favorite quotes by Joanne the Scammer is “scam today before today scams you.”

Katriel Hart, Staff Member

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Student Voice of Creekview HS