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Nathan Smernoff
Nathan Smernoff is hotter than burning jet fuel, but like jet fuel, still can’t melt steel beams. He’s a hippie that dresses as if his father owns an oil reserve and spends most of his free time making sure the kids he’s taught to swim don’t drown (they never do). He’s not worried about global warming because he’s been a dedicated swimmer since age five, and he will be able to adapt to the flooded climate most republicans are too blinded by “anonymous” funding to see. You’re welcome.

Before Nathan was born, the world was a horrid place running with people too afraid to stand up. Unlike most people, Nathan strives to retrieve authentic, reliable, and transparent news.

Seeing that his readers may benefit from the truth, he spends all his time letting the truth out.

He’s one of a kind; writing in such a way to blow the reader's mind into a million pieces.

Daring; he takes risks to get his audience what they need to be aware of their government. Innovative; he comes up with ways to communicate no one ever thought of before.

Dealing with hard conditions to get his readers what they need.

9-11 is his birthday.

Nathan Smernoff, Sports Editor

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