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Payton Whittaker
Senior and Editor in Chief of this year’s newspaper, Payton Whittaker is excited to lead this new group of staff members in some crazy endeavors including off campus field trips, journalism conventions or even ice cream parties. Pulling her hair out as she struggles to graduate early, it’s clear Payton knows what she wants and has the determination to get it. She dabbled with acting on Creekview’s speech team and fell in love with dramatic acting, winning third and fifth place in two different speech tournaments. Payton planned on making a career out of acting until she realized her stage fright was too overwhelming. Now, she’s changed her path and is comfortable working behind the camera, but still updates her totally embarrassing youtube channel with completely discomforting videos ( Payton enjoys reading and listening to calming music in her free time and spend as much time as possible with her three-year-old sister. Although Payton has a clear path of what she wants for her future, she is aware of the bumps along the way. And for the obstacles that do try to stumble her, Payton is willing and prepared to take them head on.

Payton Whittaker, Editor in Chief

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