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Samantha Badillo
“There’s no place like home,” Sam whispers to herself as she enters her beloved car, Veruca. Solace lies in that car, having spent many days and nights driving around in her small, rickety, silver Galant. Sam says it again as she stumbles into bed alongside her dogs, Blue and Rocco, listening to her parents conversation downstairs. Another time she whispers it, clinging to her friends in a group hug. As one may deduce, Sam Badillo finds home in many places. She can easily be comforted by any, so long as her heart and mind are right there with her. This summer has been full of little journeys with her pals that have shaped Sam’s new appreciation for where she grew up. Though she loves where she stays, she adores traveling too. Having step foot on every continent except two, some would say she’s well traveled for a 17-year-old. It’s her last year at Creekview, though she’s only spent one year here. Transferring her junior year from Parish Episcopal, she often recalls it as one of the best decisions she’s made. Creekview has become a little bit of home for Sam.


Samantha Badillo, Staff Writer

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