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Susie Sutherland
Susie Sutherland has become the most average thing a high schooler can become: a junior. Despite the fact that she would rather be sleeping more than anything (that includes winning the lottery, being a contributing member of society, becoming the first woman to go to Jupiter, etc.), she is thrilled to be back on newspaper staff for her second year in a row. Susie is most notable for walking around Creekview with her headphones in and listening to some edgy teen music. She is notorious for wearing dark red eyeshadow with thick, winged eyeliner. Sutherland plans to make an impact on Creekview this year by writing some kick as(tronaut… come on guys, keep this school appropriate) news stories. When she is not writing for newspaper or attending class, Susie is reading up on the latest conspiracy theories, playing Overwatch where she mains Ana and Lucio, doing her makeup, or listening to her favorite band, Jank. She loves to travel and has been to multiple countries, such as Greece, France, and Canada and is a photographer for her school and her dad’s company. Susie hopes to have another great year of writing with her fellow staff and giving her school the best resources for news.

Susie Sutherland, Staff Writer

Oct 31, 2016
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Sep 17, 2015
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Sep 10, 2015
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